ADC年度大奖隶属于创意壹社(One Club for Creativity),是世界上历史最悠久的行业奖项。在进入其令人难以置信的100周年之际,这些奖项庆祝的是广告、数字媒体、平面和出版设计、包装和产品设计、运动、体验和空间设计、摄影、插图和时装设计等领域的最佳奖项,它们都以艺术性和手工艺为重点。






作为博达大桥广告(FCB)的全球首席创意官,Susan Credle负责该机构的创意产品和声誉。 她是业界领先的创意人士之一,也是代表女性的重要声音。

她是M&M的标志性“人类”和Allstate的“ Mayhem”活动的负责人,她才华横溢,获得了众多行业赞誉,包括广告时代的“ 100位最具影响力的女性”、Business Insider的“广告界最具创意的女性”和进入AAF大厅等成就。 2017年,被《纽约妇女通讯》杂志评为Matrix获奖者。

The ADC Annual Awards, part of The One Club for Creativity, is the oldest continuously running industry award show in the world. Now heading into its incredible 100th year, these Awards celebrate the very best in advertising, digital media, graphic and publication design, packaging and product design, motion, experiential and spatial design, photography, illustration and fashion design all with a focus on artistry and craftsmanship.

The ADC Annual Awards also offers a tiered pricing structure designed to make it easier for smaller agencies, studios and freelancers to participate. Larger companies pay the standard entry fee; smaller shops get a discount on entries (amount varies by discipline) and freelance creatives and one-person shops are eligible for an even greater reduction in their entry fee.

Outstanding entrants are selected by highly respected juries, and honored with coveted Gold, Silver and Bronze Cubes, presented at the Annual Awards Gala. Beyond these Cubes, however, ADC Annual Awards winners join a rich legacy of past honorees that include some of the most influential artists of the past century.

The One Club for Creativity exists to support and celebrate the success of the global creative community.

Susan Credle

Susan Fowler Credle FCB's Global Chief Creative Officer

As FCB's Global Chief Creative Officer, Susan Credle heads up the agency's creative product and reputation. She is one of the industry's leading creatives and an important voice representing women. 

The creative brilliance responsible for the iconic M&M'S "human" and Allstate's "Mayhem" campaigns, she has received numerous industry accolades, including Ad Age's "100 Most Influential Women," Business Insider's "Most Creative Women in Advertising" and induction into the AAF's Hall of Achievement. In 2017, Credle was named a Matrix honoree by New York Women in Communications.