GDC(Graphic Design in China)平面设计在中国展作为中国首个面向全球的大型综合性设计竞赛双年展活动,每两年举办一次,由深圳市平面设计协会(SGDA)创办自1992年。经26年发展,这一设计竞赛活动已经成为华人地区影响最大、水平最高、且最具权威和公正性的设计盛典。


GDC17设计竞赛围绕“视觉传达、时代主张、信息介质、多维呈现”四个核心关键词展开, 共征集到来自全球的参赛作品数量共计7093件,经过15位国际专业评委的评选,在5%入选率的严苛筛选下,GDC17共决选出优异奖作品数量352件,这些作品及创作者,已经成为当下行业最瞩目的话题中心。



GDC 17 平面设计在中国总策展人&组委会主席


为中华传统文化复兴与创新而奋勉,以“创新东方人文精神-呈现国际当代美学” 为核心使命,致力于突破传统和设计创新探索,取炼人文核心融以国际视野,呈现当代视觉和生活美学效用。致力将中国设计推向世界,服务和研究领域涉及设计与国家形象、设计与城市品牌、设计与商业效用、设计与文化创新,服务过几十家上市企业和众多著名品牌,作品曾获过两百余个奖项。

GDC is the first large-scale and the most comprehensive biennial design campaign in China started in 1992. It was founded by Shenzhen Graphic Design Association (SGDA), used to be known as Graphic Design in China. This campaign has now become the most influential design festival in China, representing the highest level of Chinese design.

GDC collects the latest design achievement from top designers and new emerging talents from all over the world and shows their outstanding achievements in graphic design. With the goal to “DESIGN FOR CHINA’S FUTURE,” Moreover, it also encourages innovation, presents and praise the exploration and practice in design to establish the newest value standards for the design of China in the future.

The GDC17 design competition is carried out with the four keywords “visual communication, time proposition, information media and multidimensional presentation.” There are 7093 works collected from designers all over the world. Then, 352 works are selected and awarded with Merit Prize by the Fifteen International Professional Judges and the screening rate is as low as 5%. All these works and designers have become the center of the topic in the industry.

Interannual series of activities carried out with the theme of GDC competition have the more extensive and profound effect on the design circle. Since May 2017 when it was initiated, 100 professional activities have been successfully held in more than 20 cities including New York, London, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing and so on, which reveals the direction for the development of graphic design from academic, commercial and life perspectives, as well as explores and indicates the latest value standards for design in the current era.

Xu Lixian(China)

GDC 17 Graphic Design in China Chief Curator & Chairman of the Organizing Committee
Visiting Professor, Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts

Shenzhen Graphic Design Association | Chairman
Overall visual core system of the 16th Asian games|Chief Designer
GDC17 Graphic Design in China|Chief Curator
TDC Typographic Design in China|Chief Curator
Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area Design Exhibition|Chief Curator
Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts|Visiting Professor
3LBRAND Design Consultant (Shenzhen)|Founder & Chairman
3LBRAND Environmental Signage|Founder & Executive Chairman
Visiting Professor, Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts

Make a determined effort for the revitalization and innovation of traditional Chinese culture, take “Innovation of oriental humanistic spirit - presenting of international contemporary aesthetics” as the core mission, devote to breaking through the tradition and exploring the design innovation, integrate humanistic core with international vision, present the effectiveness of contemporary vision and life aesthetics.Devote to introducing Chinese design to the world. The service and research fields involve design and country image, design and urban brand, design and commercial efficacy, design and cultural innovation. Have served dozens of listed enterprises and many famous brands and won more than 200 awards.