GDC设计奖(GDC Award)创立于1992年的中国深圳,每两年举办一次。自创立伊始,GDC设计奖—直通过褒奖和推介最优秀的设计来激励富有创造性的设计师群体。GDC设计奖吸引了来自全球各地的设计师参加,从“全球华人最顶尖设计奖项”,正逐步迈向“全球最重要设计奖项”之一。GDC设计奖所带来的不仅仅是奖项,更是一个不断进化、充满创造力的设计社区,通过竞赛、展览、讲座、访谈等为期两年的系列活动,将最优秀的设计从业者聚集在—起,探讨设计的价值,推动设计的观念发展。GDC设计奖由深圳市平面设计协会(SGDA) 策划运营,作为非营利性的专业设计协会,SGDA希望通过GDC设计奖,不断发掘与激励新生创意力量,朝着更公平、更可持续的未来努力。每两年一次通过选举产生的SGDA理事会,负责GDC设计奖的运作与管理。








张昊致力于推动平面设计和文字设计行业及产业发展、积极参与设计教育。先后担任GDC设计奖2021总策展、深圳设计40年执行策展&总统筹、China TDC 2021总策展、首届粤港澳大湾区设计展联合策展&总统筹、《文字设计在中国》联合主编、《亚太设计年鉴》编委、方正字体赛评审、白金创意奖评委、靳埭强设计奖评委、2015苏迪曼杯世界羽毛球锦标赛形象评委、31届大运会形象评委等。


GDC is the first large-scale and the most comprehensive biennial design campaign in China started GDC Award runs every other year to praise and recommend the best designs with an aim to encourage creative designers since its foundation in 1992. Attracting designers from all over the world, GDC developed from “a top design award among Chinese designers” to “one of the most important global design awards”. GDC Award is more than an award, but a design community that is full of creativity and continuous improvement. Through a two-year series of activities such as competitions, exhibitions, lectures, interviews, etc., GDC Award gathers top designers together to explore the value of design and promote the concepts of design. GDC is curated and operated by Shenzhen Graphic Design Association (SGDA), a nonprofit professional design association. SGDA expects GDC to continuously discover and motivate new creative forces, making efforts to shape a fairer and more sustainable future. The SGDA Council, which is elected every two years, is responsible for the operation and management of GDC.

Shenzhen Graphic Design Association (SGDA)
Shenzhen Graphic Design Association (hereinafter referred to as “SGDA”), established in 1995, is the first nonprofit professional organization on graphic design in China, aiming to exhibit the excellent design achievement, encourage and advance the academic spirit of professional creation and exploration, promote the society to focus on design, improve the development of graphic design, and academic exchanges between SGDA and other international professional organizations. SGDA respects every member, shares the honor with them and strives to be the academic researcher and practitioner with innovative and leading ideas.

Zhang Hao

Chairman of Shenzhen Graphic Design Association

Member of the Chinese Character Form Committee of the Chinese Information Society of China

Visiting Professor, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts

Member of the New York Art Directors Club(ADC)

Zhang Hao is committed to promoting the development of the graphic design and typography industry and industry, and is actively involved in design education. He has been the chief curator of GDC Award 2021, executive curator and chief coordinator of Shenzhen Design 40 years, chief curator of China TDC 2021, co-curator and chief coordinator of the first Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Design Exhibition, co-editor of Typography in China, editorial board member of Asia Pacific Design Yearbook, judge of Founder's Font Competition, judge of Platinum Creative Award, judge of Kan Tai-keung Design Award, image judge of 2015 Sudirman Cup World Badminton Championship, image judge of the 31st Universiade, etc.

He has been invited to give lectures, reviews and talks at Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts, China Academy of Art, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Macau University of Science and Technology, Nanjing Academy of Art, Shenzhen University and other institutions.