Eric Cruz,美国人,生于菲律宾,成长于美国和墨西哥。他是一位屡获殊荣的创意领导人,导演,设计师,一位有超过20年从业经验的教育者。作为AKQA上海的执行创意总监,Eric领导中华团队,通过创新品牌叙述帮助了诸多客户品牌,如耐克,乔丹,爱彼迎。他也曾在亚、欧和美国的经纪公司和工作室担任过各种领导职位。作为设计师,他的作品被东京ADC,戛纳狮子等国际设计大奖认可。作为教育者,Eric在多所大学发表演讲,教授设计、广告、动效的课程。

Executive Creative Director, AKQA (AKQA Advertising)

Creative Design Director, Nike Global Visual Identity, USA

Visiting Professor, Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts

Eric Cruz , a Filipino American, born in the Philippines and grew up in the US and Spain. He is a multi-award-winning creative leader, director, designer and educator who brings with him over 20 years of industry experience. As AKQA Shanghai’s Executive Creative Director, Eric is leading the Greater China team – helping clients such as Nike, Jordan, Airbnb, and NBA through innovative brand storytelling. Also, he has held various leadership positions in agencies and studios across Asia, Europe and the US. As a graphic designer, Cruz has his works recognized by several international design prizes such as the Tokyo ADC and Cannes Lions. As an educator, Cruz regularly delivers lectures and has taught Design, Advertising and Moving Media at several univercities.