“DFA 亚洲最具影响力设计奖”为香港设计中心的其中一个旗舰项目,旨在表彰卓越的设计,从亚洲的观点嘉许优秀设计。自 2003 年创立以来,“DFA 亚洲最具影响力设计奖”已成为设计人才及不同单位向世界展示他们的杰出设计作品之平台。

“DFA 亚洲最具影响力设计奖”主要设有五大奖项,包括:“大奖”、“文化大奖”、“可持续发展大奖”、“科技大奖”及“组别奖”。首四个奖项计划通过提名产生;“组别奖”则通过公开征集设计作品选出,当中分为四大领域,包括“服饰设计”、“传讯设计”、“环境设计”及“产品及工业设计”;四大领域共设有 23 个设计组别,参加者可选择参与其中一个组别。每个领域分别设有金奖、银奖、铜奖及优异奖。评审团会根据设计作品的整体卓越表现、科技的应用、对亚洲的影响力,以及在商业及社会上的成就四大范畴作为评分准则。



香港设计中心 DFA 设计奖项目策划人

周咏贤毕业于香港理工大学设计学院,并从事工业设计多年,及后赴意大利米兰Domus Academy进修并取得商业设计硕士学位,回港后加入香港设计中心做项目研究工作及后一直在负责DFA设计奖项目策划,十多年来致力协助推动香港创意工业,培育设计新星及发掘亚洲及世界优良设计,提倡以人,社会及环境为本的高质设计项目。


The DFA Design for Asia Awards is the flagship programme of the Hong Kong Design Centre, celebrating design excellence and acknowledging outstanding designs with Asian perspectives. Since its launch in 2003, the DFA Design for Asia Awards has been a stage upon which design talents and corporations can showcase their design projects internationally.

The programme is comprised of five major awards: Grand Award, Grand Award for Culture, Grand Award for Sustainability, Grand Award for Technology and Category Award. Entries to the Category Award are recruited by open submission, while entries to the other four are by nomination. For the Category Award, entrants submit design projects in one of 23 categories under four key design disciplines, namely Apparel & Accessory Design, Communication Design, Environmental Design and Product & Industrial Design. Gold, Silver, Bronze and Merit Awards are presented to winners in each category. Design projects are judged on four criteria – overall excellence, use of technology, impact in Asia as well as commercial and societal success.

The judges are design professionals and experts attuned to design developments in Asia and experienced in serving as judges for Hong Kong and international design awards.

Isabella Chow

Hong Kong Design Centre DFA Design Award Project Planner
Visiting Professor, Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts

Isabella graduated from the School of Design at Hong Kong Polytechnic University in Industrial Design. After worked in Hong Kong for years in product design, she went to Domus Academy in Milan Italy to complete her Master Degree in Business Design. After returning to Hong Kong, she joined Hong Kong Design Centre on research management then became the project lead of DFA Awards . She possesses more than 10 years solid experience in product design and development, research, brand marketing, project and event management. Throughout the years, she is actively involved in promoting good designs, and to nurture up and coming design stars from Hong Kong. Isabella keeps exploring the world so she can share first-hand knowledge in the beauty of design, culture and history.